: : Behind the Scene ! : :

: : Behind the Scene ! : :

2020  (observatory full remote access)

8″ Newton  Cassegrain ATM + Paracorr T2 + ASA 0.73x + APM 2″ barlow 1.5x
Baader full set RVBSHO
Pierro Astro focuser
NUC Core I5 for setup remote control
IPX800v4 (managing power, roof and other goodies)
Homemade tools : SQM, Cloudsensor, Allsky Camera, TempHum monitoring…



8″ Newton  Cassegrain ATM + Paracorr T1
Zenithstar 66ED (2007 edition) + 0.8x WO corrector
Geoptik wide field adapter for canon lenses
SGL Ascom Focuser (homemade)
Mount :
AZ-EQ6 mount

Atik 460EX mono

Filtering :
SX Filterwheel
RVB Astronomik set
SHO Baader 2016 set

Softwares :
Sequence Generator Pro
Raspberry Pi 3 as travel WI-FI Access Point (see here in french !)
Raspberry Pi3  –> moving to Linux full auto setup (Ekos/INDI/PhD/Astrometry.net)
Tinker board ASUS in test with armbian and Kstar/Ekos/INDI

Processing :
Pixinsight, Iris.

A nice location : France – Cezallier


  • Timelapse engine

Home made system with Airic Lenz smart electronic design (rail + panning head)